Table Shower Massage

Contemporary life has become extremely busy that finding relaxation is no longer easy. Body massages always provide a perfect escape from the hassles of day to day life with their highly relaxing therapies. There are nearly as many massage methods as there are masseurs. However, the table shower massage still clings to its pride as one of the bets kept secrets in most parlors. It is not surprising that many clients insist on this type of massage, considering the wholesome effect it has on one’s body. If you are planning a visit to your local spa or massage parlor, the table shower massage is something you ought to try out.

Table Shower Massage









  What Is A Table Shower?

The table shower massage owes its inception to the French city of Vichy, a city renowned for its hydrotherapy exploits. This is why table showers are commonly referred to as Vichy showers. These showers are usually comprised of a series of shower heads that are attached to a central extended metal bar. This bar is normally suspended just above the waterproof massage table. The vertical drip of water makes the table shower massage one of the best hydrotherapy components of any body treatment. The table differs slightly from ordinary massage tables in that:

a)    It contains drainage holes.

b)    A detachable hand-held shower is also included.

c)    It provides the massage therapist with a splash guard.

All these additions are made to ensure the table shower massage is as comfortable as it can get.

How It Is Done

Depending on the spa you visit, the table shower massage will be done before or after the massage. It is done before the massage to ensure you are completely clean before the massage begins. This way, it will be much easier for the therapist to do an effective job. It can also be done after the massage to help get rid of massage oil from your skin. The table shower massage is most of the times done when one is completely nude. Some parlors provide disposable underwear for clients who desire optimum privacy. Either way:

1.    The massage begins with you lying face down. The water will be adjusted to a comfortable temperature before the therapist washes the back, from the neck to the soles of the feet.

2.    You will be helped to turn over with minimal discomfort for the front to be washed.

The entire table shower massage is done in a calm way that leaves many clients ruing the short time taken.


The table shower massage is a very effective form of hydrotherapy. For this reason, it has many benefits to both the body and the mind. Some of these benefits are that:

1)    It helps the body in the healing process.

2)    It brings about high levels of relaxation.

3)    It helps the mind relieve itself of stress.

In the table shower massage, the shower heads are usually aligned with the the energy centers along your spine (chakras). This stimulates the detoxification and clearing of the body’s energy field or aura. Get the ultimate table shower massage experience and you can never be disappointed.